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Oklahoma State University

Service Accounts


A service account is a specialized identity account, most often seen to be the branded email account for a department, such as, the email service account for the OSU-IT Helpdesk.


There are eight different types of service accounts. These are

  • Mail-enabled: A mail-enabled service account is an identity account that only has email functionality. Mail-enabled service accounts are used by organizations. Example: represents the OSU IT Helpdesk and is the address people can use to contact the OSU-IT Helpdesk.
  • Application: An application service account is a functional account and is not linked to an individual. Departments use them for application development.
  • LDAP-Only: The LDAP-Only is an application service account for devices or applications authenticate only to LDAP. (See OpenLDAP.)
  • Kiosk: A kiosk service account is used for public workstation management.
  • Reserved: A reserved service account acts as a filter to keep specific user names from being options from which usernames are created.
  • Resource: A resource service account is an identity account for a particular resource, such as for equipment, rooms, or vehicles. Resource service accounts have an email function so that the resource can be scheduled using Microsoft® Office 365™, such as for a meeting.
  • Long-Term Visitor: A long-term visitor service account is an identity account for those who do not have a formal affiliation with the University but have need to get certain services, such as vendors or specialized online program students.
  • Wireless Mac: This account type enables devices with limited or no browsers to connect to the OSU wireless network. It is only used for devices that are unable to authenticate to the standard wireless network.



Getting Started

If you need a service account, contact the OSU-IT Helpdesk.